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Reactions from mi meeting Reactions from mi meeting Mi choice keeps getting less popular.Lots of angry parents tonite, neither the specialised facilitator, the appeal of susan charles, nor the lecture on being a model of civility for other districts from mary alice callan did the particular.Given callan's popularity, i recently uncovered her self righteousness pretty amusing. Most fascinating part to me were the comments of parents who sent their kids to charter schools in other districts.They made it clear that it's not simply a case of the district ceding all control the situation is negotiated and charters can be a good answer. The overall attempt appeared to be to make the charter as big and scary as possible.People are not buying it. It's become really clear that for the district, it's not actually the money, it's having less control and the ignominy of the charter taint. I don't believe they realized that we non educators don't view it that way. Lots of ugly programs raised about the future of ohlone after three years, the faculty will hit 500.Effectively removing one of the ohlone strands. Tonight susan charles was posting about just 80 students, two weeks ago at the board meeting, she was dealing with managing a campus of Pandora Charms UK Sale 620.Plus its it, boys? My personal favorite flawed assumption was from the finance guy who assumed that pie donations would grow, that the cost in the district is a given.Ohlone, as an example, could use its pie money to from the mi the homepage here costs. Note to pay guy, does not work if pie donations drop, will do it? Almost as much ast the fecklessness of the board irritates me, at least they lack of the arrogance of the pausd school paperwork. 620 = 4 lengths English = 1 strand Mandarin after 6 years(And chuck in sdc). Jerry matranga was accurate in reporting causes of discretionary funds to schools(Curry, parent-Teacher-Assosiation, drink, communicate)But he badly gave the impression that pie would be used for excess mi costs.Unnecessary mi costs, by option, must arrive from mi parent fundraising/donations. (He spoke of the donations, but didn't tie these this you may like phones excess costs. )The discretionary funds would be spent as the principal/site council determine for ohlone students usually. I think it's basically correct that the district does not want to come unglued, but perhaps not really much losing control of what the charter does as losing control of what the district must do.There are many burden that would be put on administrators at churchill to provide the oversight/evaluation of charters, obligated by law.This is every single year after year stuff for the life of the charter.I wasn't able to witness the responses of lawyers and administratrators as hedging.I think they were explaining it how they see it. Tonight susan charles talked as if 500 were real cap.Mi stays as one follicle at ohlone. Here, it's all a lose lose proposal.Using 620, ohlone is severely overloaded, but you will find unlikely to be anywhere near enough mi spots to meet the demand. And we get the charter threat again.Nothing seems binding anybody. I assume the real plan is to toss mi onto garland while susan charles gets kudos getting grace mah off the district's back. As for the district losing regulate it already lost control.Caving into demands for an unpopular program that overcrowds a school shows that that. I mean when you get callan ordering adults to behave civilly and susan charles preaching on how you need to let go of their anger and be a community, the horses have remaining the gate. The anger is there and it will not go away because churchill wishes it would.The grievance is real we are being pushed around by a select few.Our strong support of public schools is being used. People want the board to fight as well as also board(In addition churchill)Seems to think it shouldn't the idea will lose.In which basic split. There may little point of talking peace, anybody want justice. One won't answer for another. I got the impression that the legal advice and budget projections were conducted with the goal of learning the worse case scenario of a charter:Find why we should fear a charter.The data felt ach sided. I'd enjoy visiting a similar analysis conducted by an expert who is biased in favor of charters.More chiefly, i'd like the board to analyze that data side by side with the current data.What's going to the two reports have in common?Which side they differ?In areas that they differ widely, which will be the truer truth, Of course this is just unrealistic at this point.It's apparent that the objective of last night's meeting was to get the public used to the idea of how the vote will go down next week.Mi sweepstakes, have a look at come. My a reaction to the town hall meeting?I available sadness and bewilderment.How can a small Pandora Jewellery group of parents take us to such an extreme situation and not feel any work, consideration, or sense of doing what's right in the interest of the greater community?

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