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Bath chronicle Bath Pandora Charms:http://www.ccfcm.com/ chronicle John norris, who held wansdyke and unsuccessfully fought the actual seat of north east somerset, was among 220 ex mps given resettlement grant, in order to an official list. But the amounts paid out were initially not divulged by the commons, leading to accusations it was retaining information from the public. Resettlement help, dubbed goodbyes were paid out under the old expenses system apart from parliamentary pensions and winding up payments given to mps to cover costs.The pair were tax free for the first The amount varied in order to age and length of service, with departing mps getting a grant which can be between 50 per cent and 100 per cent of their salary. Mps aged 55 64 with 15 years in the commons Pandora Necklace Sale got the maximum payment, the actual amount reduced when an mp reached the age of 70. This week in response to a freedom of info request, the house of commons commission a committee of six mps chaired by speaker john bercow published the names of those that were paid the grants after the 2010 election, but not the amounts garnered. A spokesman for the commission said the amounts received could be figured out. All but six of the mps who left got hold of their full entitlement, which the commission spokesman said could be calculated using strategies and know-How the public domain This episodes mr norris, aged 50 during the election, with 13 years providers at westminster, had been given At the 2010 general spolitical election, 149 mps had announced they were standing down prior to the 2010 election a post war record and a further 76 lost their seats. Among those in delivery of the grants were derek conway, the former careful mp who was reprimanded over taxpayer funded payments to his son, and as well as douglas hogg, who submitted an invoice to expenses officials including the costs of clearing his moat. Previous calculations by the taxpayers' alliance claim that more than million was paid out to departing mps last year. Pressure group said taxpayers would be angry to see mps able to off with big pay outs when there was huge pressure on the public finances. Campaign home emma boon said:Quite outstanding that it has taken so long for the details on resettlement grants to come out.Resettlement grants are paid for out of citizens pockets, there is a right to see where their money went. As i suspect you possess other income a plus denied to 50% of pensioners. Yes anways, although i.Truth that nearly seventy, i'm fortunately fit enough each and every work on the tools grafting for at least forty hours a week fitting out narrowboats. http://www.ccfcm.com/pandora-bracelets.html I find your phrase picturing me"Arrogantly dismissed by yet to focus on parasite"Certainly abusive, thus will be helped by the contempt it deserves.If you find people such as i rather offensive to your sensitive small mind, try name for councillor, then if prospering you can stick your snout in the so called gravy trough. There will be no further response from me to any postings.I have no aim of of sharing my knowledge not innuendo but knowledge with someone so addicted to the political game of half truths;Terminology;And disturbances.Certainly one of the your distortion is that as you are perfectly aware i was referring to councillors emoluments. If elected i intend, similar to elected b councillors averaging approx 30 hours a week on council and my ward voters(Of all politics persuasions)Business venture.If i were for taking my 7732 annually,(149 of the week or 4.95 hourly)Which by the way i may well not, and which if i did would be put into my weekly old age Buy Pandora pension of some 109, and which anyhow is not tax free, but be governed by paye, might consider me to be a parasite?Oh and may i remind you that since i commenced work fifty four years ago i have never missed one week without having to pay tax or ni.

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